Couples Therapy

We believe that every couple can benefit from therapy. From the newly engaged, to those with many years together–we all have more to learn about each other. Therapy can provide an environment that contains typical blowups, poor coping cycles and offer unique clarity to an otherwise chaotic dynamic. Relationships are difficult, but it’s our belief that we all have an innate need to be in relationship. It is the very foundation of what it is to be human. We need to experience love, reciprocity and fulfillment. A healthy relationship considers the needs of others, focuses on patience and kindness, maintains honesty and trustworthiness and is nurturing. Our therapists work at helping patients restore love and trust within their identity and among relationships by essentially helping them become their own therapist. Everyone experiences violations in their relationships and it’s when we’re without a restoration process that we continue feeling pain.

We believe that healthy relationships are an ever-growing pursuit of love, acceptance, forgiveness, reliability, connection, intimacy and faithfulness. When we cut ourselves, can we say “Stop bleeding” and the wound relents? No. Healing takes time and there is a process to it. The same process occurs in relationships.

Treatment includes:
– An initial diagnostic session to determine the level of treatment required
– Symptom triage and management
– Emotional Regulation
– Tool integration/skill-building

*Treatment can vary for each person. The above is not an exhaustive list.



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